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Companies frequently propose changes to the organisation of work, perhaps the company’s business strategy or even acquire another business or merge with one. Frequently the workforce will be represented by a trade union that will meet the employer to constructively discuss aspects of the employers’ plans that are likely to have a significant impact on the workforce. In much the same way as companies turn to business oriented consultants to provide the senior management team with in-depth analyses of the potential impact of decisions, Syndex UK provides a similar service for the workforce – but focusing on the impact of changes for the workforce as well as the business.

After all, decisions that adversely affect the interests of a workforce – possibly leaving a large number of people jobless – demand scrutiny and rigorous analysis simply to ensure the decision making process is robust: that the rationale for the decision is sound and that the employer has fully assessed any potential alternatives.

we are not just a consultancy that works for trade unions. Our methodology, approach to our work and the way in which we undertake analyses, have all been developed for a specific purpose. When a company restructures, the ultimate objective is to safeguard the interests of its investors and shareholders and to give them confidence in the senior management team, their approach and the new business strategy. Throughout the exercise, the company’s intended audience is its shareholders and financial backers.

maximise the role and influence of those elected to represent the interests of employees across Europe, Syndex UK offers a complete package of support and expertise ready to be deployed whenever and wherever needed.  For more than 40 years Syndex has been working with employee representatives and has developed a dedicated and highly skilled multidisciplinary team of experts and are recognised as such right across Europe.  We offer a high quality, strategic, and tailor-made support service.

Our internal structure  comprises teams of experts, each group dedicated to a specific sector or industry.  Each expert specialises in the economic and social aspects of employment and business within their chosen industry, and provides technical assistance to employee representatives and trade unions.  We provide this expertise to the members of European Works Councils, national trade unions and European trade union federations.

We have offices in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and Romania, and a partnership in Germany, so our Experts are native speakers, have extensive knowledge of local and national employment issues and knowledge of country specific employment and political landscapes. Our relationships with employee representatives and trade unions extend across all sectors and we have provided support to members of EWCs and UK worker representatives in a range of sectors, including paper manufacture, aerospace, civil aviation, automotive, insurance, banking, engineering, energy, local government, commerce, sport and leisure, health, food and drink, civil aviation, printing and packaging.

Syndex offers a diverse range of services including:

  • Training for union activists and employee representatives on national Works Councils and European Works Councils to enable them to properly and strategically represent their workforce in discussions with their employer.
  • Strategic, financial, social, environmental and organisational analyses of companies and sectors in order to strengthen employee voice and influence at work and to create an enhanced knowledge base capable of empowering employee representatives to properly defend the interests of workers.
  • An examination of the industrial, financial, organisational and social aspects of restructuring and the consequential challenges for workers to help them to better contribute to the discussions with their employer, to support or oppose employer proposals and to create more of a level playing field between the knowledge of workers’ representatives and that of senior management.
  • Research on issues as wide ranging as demographic change in the energy sector and productivity in the public sector through to analyses of working conditions of professional athletes and collective bargaining across the European graphical sector.

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