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Although our focus tends to be Europe, many multinational companies (MNCs) in which UK and other European workers are employed span the globe.  Therefore the scope of our work is only limited by the organisation of employee representatives and trade unions.  For example our work with European Works Councils requires our Experts to work in association with companies with locations throughout Europe, but workers in many MNCs have created Global Councils through which worker representatives from outside Europe join those of the EU27 in the process of information and consultation.  Due to this expansive network we must consider the implications of change in this wider context.  Through this aspect of our work we have created partnerships across the world which we continually develop and strengthen.

Syndex UK regularly works with the federation of European Public Sector Unions (EPSU), Uni Europa, the federation for unions in the service industries and the European Metalworkers’ Federation, now part of the newly created federation IndustriAll.  These relationships are key to our work and vital to the support we are able to offer worker representatives both in and beyond Europe.