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Our Services

Unlike other organisations offering similar services, we work exclusively for worker representatives – so we never provide support, advice or our expertise to employers.  We think there is a clear conflict of interests in providing our services to employees and their representatives and their employer – how could one organisation act to safeguard the legal rights and interests of both employers and their workforce when a company undertakes a restructuring exercise, is involved in a merger or acquisition or decides to cease operating  at a number of its European offices or factories ?

We offer employee representatives, in conjunction with their trade union, support in their role as EWC members and as members of national Information and Consultation bodies.  In addition we provide trade unions and their European federations with a range of support services, including research and training.  By working with trade unions we are able to offer training to Works Council and European Works Council representatives – a crucial and very popular provision that underpins the role of workplace representatives across Europe.

Syndex UK’s support services for information and consultation bodies is the fastest growing area of our work in Europe.  Under the recast EWC Directive on UK workers now have the right to appoint experts of their choice to provide them with an in-depth assessment of their companies’ activities or analyses into proposals by employers.  Not only that, but the law says employers are obliged to fund such work on behalf of the employee representatives.

In addition we offer specific research and legal services which complete, and complement, our overall package of support and are designed specifically to support the representatives of workers and service of the highest quality.

Because we are a not-for-profit organisation we are extremely competitive and unanswerable to anyone except our clients – workers and their trade unions.