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Training is essential for effective EWCs

It is easy to forgive EWC Members for paying insufficient attention to their own personal development. After all, most have a full time job and the majority of them are also active trade union representatives. So overlooking the benefits of training, and the accompanying legal rights, is only all too easy for those representing the workforce and a real challenge for Syndex.

Syndex provides training tailored to the needs of EWC Members, not management – training delivered to improve the operational effectiveness of EWCs by developing the knowledge and competencies of those tasked with the responsibility of representing a workforce spanning many European countries.

Our experience of supporting the work of EWCs, built up over decades, means that we understand the challenges facing EWC Members and the difficulties they experience in their role. 

Syndex provides tailored training courses for EWCs and we have delivered training to over 20 EWCs, governed by UK legislation, over the past 18 months and the growing demand for our courses is testament to the dedication of EWC Members.   

Often, employers attempt to force their preferred training provider upon the EWC, favouring providers aligned more to the needs of management and not to the specific and unique requirements of those representing the workforce. 

EWCs are too often perceived as communication bodies, that exist simply to allow the company to ‘bounce ideas’ or to ‘sell restructuring plans’ to the wider workforce.

We exist to support EWC representatives improve their influence over management decisions and to ensure that changes to their working environment is in the best interests of the workforce and not just the owners or shareholders.

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